What We Do

  • Housing and Community Development: Affordable housing redevelopment and supportive services to promote housing stability, increase community engagement and community restoration.
  • Education: Support education through scholarships to invest in the next generation by breaking barriers and bridging gaps.
  • Humanitarian: It is the goal of the MSG-CDC to feed, shelter, heal and nurture our communities. See NEED HELP for assistance.
  • Economic Development: Support initiatives that will improve the economic vitality of people and communities in which we serve.

How We Can Help


Access to fair and equitable housing is a human right. MSG-CDC supports families and individuals through innovative housing supports that include transitional housing and affordable housing assistance. If you are in need of housing services/assistance, contact us today!


MSG-CDC fosters a community of advancement through education! We believe that this starts at the very beginning of life! MSG-CDC offers financial literacy programs that help parents start savings at the birth of their children with a matching scholarship program! There is no better way to invest in your child than starting at day one, with a plan for their future!


MSG-CDC in partnership with Brown Missionary Baptist Church also provides scholarships to graduating Midsouth High School Seniors! Call MSG-CDC for more information!

Economic Development

MSG-CDC wants to take you to the next level of your life! Through financial literacy programming (virtual and in person) discover innovative and practical methods to increase your income, increase your savings and increase your opportunities to purchase your own home! Register for online classes and tutorials regarding financial planning, increasing wealth, entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

Humanitarian Support

The MSG-CDC values our partners and the work of nonprofits in the Midsouth. With support from Brown Missionary Baptist Church and in partnership with WREG-News Channel 3, the work of community partners is highlighted each week. For consideration email: Corie.Ventura@wreg.com  OR email : info@midsouthgenesiscdc.org


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