The mission of MSG-CDC is to improve the quality of life of those in need by serving in the areas of housing, education, economic development, and humanitarian support.

Via a strengths focused approach, our vision is to create safe and nurturing neighborhoods where families and businesses thrive and grow.

Our Core Values

Respect: All people are due dignity and respect. The MSG-CDC strives to ensure that our community members, our partners and our team members are shown equality and dignity in all that we do.

Humanity: We model humanity in all of our endeavors, no matter the situation. It is with care and compassion that we serve our communities.

Inclusion: Everyone deserves the right to live to their fullest potential. The MSG-CDC prioritizes action over intention to ensure safe spaces and the well-being of others. We acknowledge and honor that we are more alike than we are different.

Compassion: The MSG-CDC desires to relieve the suffering of individuals and works to restore hope!

Organizational Excellence: We strive to build ethical and efficient systems with innovation and care. We work each day to do what we say we will do.

Transparency and Accountability: With sound judgement and layers of oversight, the MSG-CDC values integrity and honesty in all of spaces.

Empowerment: With a strong sense of passion and desire for a better world, the MSG-CDC builds trust, partnership and fosters hope – the fuel to accomplish dreams!

The MSG-CDC was born from the heart of the Senior Pastor, Bartholomew Orr from a desire to increase opportunities, provide holistic care across generations and provide safe, accessible services for our communities. The MSG-CDC obtains support from the Brown Missionary Baptist Church family.